• General assembly
    General Assembly

    Thank you!! Totally happy…looking forward to more work with Hassle.com

  • Claire alexander
    Claire Alexander

    I found Lidia on Hassle.com and she is now working for us on a weekly basis. I found out about Hassle.com through a Google search of ‘Blackheath Cleaner’, I'd never heard of it before but loving it! Great Idea!

  • Jason calacanis
    Jason Calacanis

    Hassle.com…I really fell in love with it. This is a great service, incredibly well done.

  • Johanna pfeifer
    Johanna Pfeifer

    Absolutely love the cleaner. If it weren’t for Hassle.com I probably would have spent several more years wanting to get a cleaner but not really knowing where to start looking.

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